Audio Services

We offer a variety of audio services, including professional transfer of audio cassettes to CD-R. The audio level can be processed if needed to improve clarity, reduce static, improve the tone balance, and boost the overall audio level. We also transfer LP vinyl disks and micro cassettes to CD-R again, we use software to reduce clicks and pops and to improve overall quality of the CD-R.

If your project requires voice-over, we have professional voice-over artist available. We have the ability to insert a second language when a project requires more than one language be available to the listener. Voice-overs can also be included on any video montage or any other editing project that requires this service.

Audio Conversion Rates

  • Original Format
  • Vinyl Disk 33RPM
  • Audio Cassette
  • 45RPM Disk
  • Price per Minutes of Running Time
  • .50/minute (Minimum $12.00)
  • .50/minute (Minimum $12.00)
  • $2.00 each song

Additional Audio Services

Click/Pop reduction$12.00 each CD-R up to 80 minutes
Custom Labels$39 for print on disk label and case insert
Photos printed on disk$12.00 (one time set-up)
Voiceover recording at our studio$55.00 per hour